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Now you can administrate your node from anywhere you can access a browser - including your Blackberry, Palm etc.

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last updated Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The remote admin console allows you to operate your node from a remote location, using a standard web browser. It allows you to enable/disable the node, disconnect the current connection, launch a remote desktop call to a laptop or desktop computer (ADPCM or GSM), send any DTMF sequence to the decode script, regenerate DTMF tones, and view the messages file... all online.

The scripts and pages are mobile browser friendly (BlackBerry and Palm devices have been checked).

To install the console, you require the following:

  • CentOS or Debian base operating system

  • A working IRLP node installed

  • At least 100 megs of hard drive space free (only used during

  • Some patience : can take 20 minutes to install on slower systems

The install script is located on the ftp site. To obtain the file and run the script, type the following commands as user root:

  chmod +x install-ra

Follow the directions in the script.  The script can take about 20 minutes to complete.

Once complete, you will have a web server running on port 15426. To access the control page of your node from outside, you will need to make sure that TCP port 15426 is forwarded through your router. This was an old port used by IRLP in the past, so maybe your node already has it forwarded.

I have set up a quick "redirection" website which will allow you to access your node remotely. The site is

Type in your node number and the port number (defaults to 15426) and you will be automatically redirected to your node's control page. Type in your username and password you set in the script, and you will have remote access to your node.   For direct access use the following URL -  http://nnn.nnn.nnn:15426/control/ where nnn is your node IP.  This will provide direct access to the admin server on your node.

There will be more details on the features soon.

Dave Cameron VE7LTD
IRLP System Designer

Enjoy IRLP and please "Pass the Word"
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