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All IRLP nodes consist of a computer, an interface board, and a radio. This page will allow you to purchase either a complete assembled system, or components so you can build your own. Prices are all shown in US Dollars, and you can choose your currency of payment when paying through PayPal if you wish. As you click on items to buy, they will be added to a shopping cart. Combine multiple items in one order to save on shipping.

Please follow the headings below to choose a complete system or system components you require.

Complete/Assembled Systems

IRLP has a two styles of complete systems to choose from:

Starting at $389.99
Next Generation (NG)
Embedded Node

COVID19 - Currently unable to obtain parts -
Starting at $689.99
Measuring just 4" x 2.5" x 1.5", the PiRLP4 is the ultimate in portability. It is based on the Raspberry Pi4 B computer and contains a complete, low-power IRLP system in the palm of your hand. It now includes integrated BlueTooth 5.0 and 802.11AC WiFi (2.4 and 5.8Ghz), and a new software load based on Debian 10 (Buster).

Detailed Info
The ultimate in power and reliability, the NG Embedded node packs a lot of processing power into a compact package. It is based on a Dual-core Intel Atom system. Several options are available.

Detailed Info / Order Options
Order a PiRLP4 Node
Order NG-Embedded
Components to Build a Raspberry Pi-based Node

If you want to build your own Raspberry Pi-based system, choose components from below. Some modifications may be required to your Pi, Pi2, Pi3, or Pi4 board. Components will work with all versions of the Raspberry Pi. Click on the pictures for more information about each component.

Modified IRLP Board
Modified IRLP Board
w/ attached USB Sound
Modified GPIO cable
Board modified to run on 3.3V from Pi. Diode removed to protect Pi from accidental 5V input.
Same as left, with USB sound card attached. Places all connections on the IRLP DB-9 connector.
Interfaces the modified board to the Pi/Pi2/Pi3/Pi3/Pi4 GPIO port.
Preloaded 16GB uSD
(MicroSD) Card
USB Sound Card
12V to 5V DC-DC Adapter
Preloaded SD card. Preconfigured with node number of your choice. Includes EchoIRLP, IRLPvCON, speaktime, speakdate, and other common scripts.
C-Media CM119 based USB sound. Proven to work with PiRLP systems.
Supply power from 12-15V DC. Proven to work with PiRLP4 systems.

Components to Build a PC-based Node

Since inception, IRLP has traditionally run on PC based hardware. The most reliable and robust systems still run on PC based hardware, including the highly reliable embedded IRLP nodes. Below you can order the IRLP interface board and associated cables to build your node using a surplus PC computer. All boards come fully assembled and tested. Please note, that a PC-based parallel port is required to use an IRLP board on a PC.

IRLP now ships with the Debian Linux operating system. The IRLP CD is NOT a full Debian CD. The version we provide is very small image. If you already have Linux, we still suggest you obtain the IRLP CD for optimal performance. IRLP will not assist in the initial installation of any Linux release besides Debian, although many others have been set up to work with IRLP.

Each PC-based IRLP board kit comes complete with all the cables between the board and computer parallel port (with full-length D-sub brackets) and terminates in a MALE DB-9 connector for interface into the radio. You will require a FEMALE DB-9 to interface your radio/repeater/controller and TWO mono or stereo 1/8" audio jacks to connect to your sound card. The audio circuitry (since it is specific to your computer and radio) is your responsibility.
More details on the IRLP Interface here.

Order a PC-Based Node


IRLP Donations are used to help offset the cost of the many network services, telephone calls, software products, and computer hardware required to run the IRLP on a daily basis. Without your support, IRLP would not be able to troubleshoot problems and add features to IRLP.

Other Payment, Shipping, and Order Information
  • The only accepted form of payment accepted online is PayPal. To use PayPal, you do not require a PayPal account. You can use any major credit card to make the purchase. If you are unable to use PayPal, please contact to arrange another method of payment.

  • Any brokerage fees, duties, or local taxes that may apply in your country are your responsibility.

  • Orders of more than 5 units may be subject to discounts. Please email for a quote.

  • GST or HST applies to all Canadian orders per the provincial rate. All other orders are tax free.

  • All small packages (including PiRLP and other small components) are shipped by standard Air Post. This service does not include tracking information. Other methods (such as courier) can be arranged, but must be agreed upon before order, as they will affect the total cost. NG-embedded nodes ship by expedited parcel, and have a tracking number. The average turnaround between order and delivery is 1-2 weeks on average. The PC-based boards/cables are all pre-built and ship quickly. Assembled systems add about 1 week to delivery times.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please send an email to

Thank you.
David Cameron VE7LTD
IRLP Designer

Enjoy IRLP and please "Pass the Word"
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