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Streaming audio is now available from several reflectors and nodes around the world

IRLP - Keeping the Radio in Amateur Radio

Here is the list of known streams broadcasting reflector or node audio streams.  This page last updated on December 15, 2011 19:54 -0500 with newest entries at bottom of page.

The Crossroads
Refector   Reflector 9200   Sub Channel 9201

The Western Intertie System

  Listen to the WINSYSTEM via the Internet

Node 5515 and
Echolink DB0VOX-R
This fulltime stream from Nuernberg telecommunication tower is streamed directly from the repeater (280m aboveground) through a wireless 5km Link to university Nuernberg.

VK3JED Node 6390 and EchoLink VK3RTL-R  Several scheduled nets throughout the week.  Info at

K1SOX & W1WPD Node 7505 & 4663  This will stream the 147.505 Rptr in the left channel and the W1WPD Rptr in the right channel.  Use your balance control to adjust. Please go to for more information.

IRLP Reflector

 WB2JPQ Interlink IRLP Reflector 9050 Live Audio Feed

Node 5971 IT9DLN
Menfi - ITALY

Full time streaming audio of EchoIRLP node 5971 on 144.975 MHz located in Menfi, Italy  

During Hurricane season, Kevin KD5WX maintains the site daily and are called by the NHC to activate the net, concurrent with the HF watch nets.

Node 4514 KD5AR
KD5AR reports the stream now works with all browsers

VE7ISC repeater in Nanaimo


Greenwood / Ft.Smith Arkansas Area

N6ICW/R Sacramento / Lake Tahoe. Node 7650 Streaming Denver Reflector 9873

24hr Streaming Audio Reflector 9010 ch. 9.
KP4IP Puerto Rico   or
Net every Monday @ 8:00pm (Caribbean Hour -4) Originated from Puerto Rico
Net Monday to Friday @ 7:00am (Caribbean Hour -4) Originated from Dominican Republic

Node 3892  is now streaming 24/7 

If you are streaming 24x7 (full time) email with details.

Problems Launching the streams?
These streams will work with nearly all audio clients such as Windows Media Player, Winamp, Apple iTunes, Quicktime, and RealPlayer. However your particular web browser may not recognize the "listen.pls" file on the end of the URL. If that happens, then launch your audio client and use "Open URL" or "Open Stream" from the menu and enter the URL leaving "listen.pls" off the end.

There is a buffer delay so if your listening to the node and the PC don't expect an instant repeat.

A few IRLP nodes are not rolling off their sub-audible tone squelch audio which will cause a very low frequency hum on some nodes

Due to many poorly factory adjusted radios these days, not all radios and nodes you will hear  will exhibit the excellent audio quality that IRLP is capable of. However, due to the digital nature of IRLP linking, a properly adjusted node and user radio will have the identical audio quality to that of a local user.

Enjoy IRLP and please "Pass the Word"
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