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The software and hardware requirements are minimal, and the cost to set up a node is low

IRLP - Keeping the Radio in Amateur Radio

The aim of the Internet Radio Linking Project (IRLP) is to provide a simple and easy system to link amateur radio systems together using the Internet as the communications backbone.

Similar linking options exist, but they use expensive leased telephone lines or satellite equipment. It is not the goal of this project to compete, but to work along with other networks to improve the technology and improve radio linking for all involved parties. The people who benefit most from the IRLP are its users.

The software and hardware requirements are minimal, and the cost to set up a node is low. This brings the opportunity for smaller more remote locations, or small clubs, to experience national linking without the large capital cost of a satellite node or leased line.

We would also like to add that this project does not only cover the scope of amateur radio, but also includes several commercial applications as well. A couple of commercial uses include:

  • Replacing leased lines used by national carrier companies.

IRLP designed and implemented a central homed system for dispatch of multiple vehicles across the province of British Columbia using internet links, mountain-top repeaters, and remote base radios. The IRLP system was interfaced directly into an existing console, and the dispatchers did not notice a difference in functionality.

  • Town of Canmore Alberta replaced 911 dispatch circuits for Fire, police and Ambulance between Calgary and Canmore using several IRLP nodes featuring embedded processors.  These single board computers run under Linux and have no moving parts.  The commercial IRLP implementation handles voice and paging tones over the VoIP connections

  • Replacing older technology paging equipment.

IRLP designed and implemented a multi-cast voice paging network (4 transmitters) for a remote school district in British Columbia without the use of RF based links between sites. This saved the school district thousands of dollars in RF gear and reduced the operating cost of their paging system by 75%.

  • Monitoring of remote areas for security reasons.
  • Connecting people from remote offices together.

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