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IRLP has had some good coverage in major Amateur Radio Magazines

IRLP - Keeping the Radio in Amateur Radio

IRLP is finally receiving coverage in radio amateur magazines around the world.   Drop us a line if you spot any other "feature article" coverage.

What Can You Do with IRLP?
by Jeff KE9V

Looking for virtually worldwide “BBC copy” from your handheld transceiver? Try the Internet Radio Linking Project.

The May 2005 Hamvention issue of QST has a fine article on IRLP.  There is also an article on Echolink in the same issue.

Jeff KE9V did a great job informing new hams the capability of IRLP.

Internet Linking for Radio Amateurs

-- by Jonathan Taylor, K1RFD   2004
The book is designed for beginners who need information on how to set up and use VoIP systems IRLP, EchoLink, eQSO, WIRES II, but also provides plenty of technical “meat” for those who want to dig deeper and explore how the systems actually work.

IRLP in Emergency Services
Spring 2003 - Once again amateur radio provides a “transference of technology” opportunity. VE6RJZ described how his hobby and the concept of the new Internet Radio Linking Project were used commercially in an area in Canada that is a radio propagation challenge.

The May 2003 Dayton issue of QST was the first in-depth feature coverage of IRLP.  From Ether to Ethernet covered everything from what IRLP is, how it operates, and what is required to build a node.  The timing of this article is perfect as it coincides with IRLPs first appearance at the Dayton Hamfest (booth 324)

January 2003 issue of World Radio covered IRLP with a Feature Article by Allen Sherwood K6USN named, Seven Thousand Miles on a Rubber Duck

The May 2002 inaugural relaunch of CQ VHF carried a feature article on IRLP by Paul VE3SY.  The lead asked the question, "Has the Internet Killed Ham Radio?" Just the opposite is true says the article.... as hams are now linking ham radio via the Internet

The Canadian Amateur is Canada's premier Amateur Radio publication and is distributed to all members of The Radio Amateurs of Canada.  The TCA had the first IRLP coverage by a major publication in its October 2001 issue.

The on-line eHam web site published much of the contents of the Canadian TCA Article in December of 2001

If you have seen an article published on IRLP be sure to let us know the details and please provide a scan of the issues cover.


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