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IRLP - Keeping the Radio in Amateur Radio

We have some more cool stuff happening on the Google Earth front:

  1. Update your google earth client to the latest BETA version

  2. Click this link: /setup-irlp.kml

It will download a "network linked" kmz file from the server which will update every 2 minutes, complete with all the info for all the links and nodes.

Soon we will split the Active nodes, down nodes, and links out into separate "Network Links".

When exiting Google Earth, save the changes when prompted,. That way all you will have to do is open up Google Earth, and all IRLP connections will be displayed.  Yellow lines are node to node while blue are reflector connections.

The process producing this KML routine was originally created
by David McAnally KF7FLY and Dave Cameron VE7LTD.

Enjoy IRLP and please "Pass the Word"
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last updated March 29, 2010
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