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Thanks to Dave K9DC for this workaround

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Since the return of the status page on February 6, 06, we have had a number of folks open installs tickets indicating their node is not showing up on the status page correctly. In most of these cases it is due to non- functioning DNS on the node.

Internet DNS (Domain Name Service) is now required to find the status page and report your status correctly. Test it from the command prompt with 'ping' (ctrl-C to exit) If you get an "unknown host" error, you have this problem.

To fix, edit the file /etc/resolv.conf.   (You can also enter 'setup' from the command line and select Network Configuration.   Make sure the IP addresses behind the word "nameserver" are the IP addresses of your service provider's nameservers. Some routers (linksys for one) automatically populate nameservers data.

You need at least one working nameserver listed. Most will have two, and there is little value in having more than three.  Check your ISP documentation or look in your routers WAN info.

-Dave K9DC

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