We wish to thank the following individuals and companies for their on-going volunteer support of the IRLP.

I R LP - Keeping the Radio in Amateur Radio

Our Bandwidth Providers

IRLP is successful due much in part to the large amount of bandwidth donated free to the project.  Please support these companies any way you can

Web space and server hosting provided free of charge by
Raleigh IRLP Reflector bandwidth provided free of charge by
Indianapolis Reflector bandwidth provided free of charge by

Denver Reflector provided by Rocky Mountain Ham Radio. For more information about ref9870, please visit

Australia IRLP Reflector bandwidth provided free of charge by

The Dallas Reflector bandwidth and location provided free by ColoMart.

This IRLP.NET machine is also hosted by Colomart FREE of charge

The Install Team

Without the untiring assistance from our expert group of installers, many nodes would still be awaiting QRV status.  IRLP wishes to thank the following volunteers.

Jim WW4M Durham, NC
Pete VK2YX NSW, Australia
Dave K9DC Indiana, USA
Nate WY0X Colorado USA
Mark G4EID   United Kingdom
Dave VE7LTD British Columbia, Canada
Corey N3FE Wellsboro, PA

The Status Pages

For all those that are interested in knowing who has played what roles in the Status Page:

and the most important parts....

Reflector 9200 Streaming Audio

Thanks to the "IQuest Guys" Paul-N9LOW and Tom-N9LOY, we are now streaming the audio from Reflector 9200. IQuest is also the bandwidth provider for reflector 9200.

The Webmaster

Your webmaster is David Cameron VE7LTD who answers email queries to the questions @ address.


Enjoy IRLP and please "Pass the Word"
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