Assembled Node

The smallest production IRLP node

IRLP - Keeping the Radio in Amateur Radio

The PiRLP4 measures just 4" x 2.5" x 1.5", making it the most compact production IRLP system. It contains all the same components as other PC-based and Pi-based IRLP nodes, just more compact. The IRLP version 3.0 board and USB sound card are modified and secured within the confines of the small ABS plastic case. The system has integrated 802.11AC WiFi and BlueTooth 5.0 included.

All of the 6 indicators are viewable from outside the case. The COS, PTT, and DTMF indicators are labelled.

The case can be easily opened to access the IRLP board jumpers.


  • PHP and Perl Web Enabled
    - IRLP WEB ADMIN system installed
    - IRLPvCON, IRLPvMON, and IRLPvMAP installed
    - Easy to add on additional PHP or Perl scripts to enhance system

  • Full Repeater Controller
    - Node can act as a simple single port controller
    - Adjustable hangtimes, courtesy tones, access tones, etc
    - Easy scripting and scheduler engine to customize any way you want

  • FULL Raspbian (Debian for Raspberry Pi) Linux Pre-installed
    - Runs a full version of Debian, so can add any Debian supported programs
    - Node number already assigned and tested (new or existing)
    - You choose your IRLP node number (from available numbers)
    - All hardware already pre-configured

  • All wiring internal to case
    - No external parallel port cable
    - No external audio adapter
    - All interfacing to radio through a single DB-9 connector

  • Commonly used IRLP scripts and features already installed:
    - EchoIRLP
    - IRLP Controller
    - IRLP Web Admin
    - Speaks the IP address on boot
    - Saytime/date scripts
    - Speaks the node status by DTMF
    - Star69
    - Interval CW or voice ID

  • Simple configuration script turns on/off certain features easily

  • Comes complete with:
    - International Power supply (100-240V / 50-60Hz)

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