The 2008 New Years

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Dave K9DC QSO Party Review
of the New Year Around the World QSO Party

Here are the numbers from the New Years party yesterday on Reflector

  • Total nodes participating: 253  (see note below)

  • Maximum simultaneous nodes: 104

  • Total transmissions: 4,847

  • Peak traffic (5 min): 5.67 Mbps

Note: Total nodes participating is the count of nodes that got in to the reflector and made at least one transmission. Given the density of traffic at times, it is entirely possible some stations connected and disconnected without making an entry in the reflector log.

Top ten talkers transmissions...

stn4149 Count 100
stn8535 Count 118
stn5370 Count 120
stn4617 Count 127
stn4730 Count 144
stn6510 Count 156
stn8380 Count 183
stn5980 Count 185
stn3425 Count 242
stn6500 Count 414

So now.... who had the most fun?

Dave K9DC

Burnaby Radio New Years QSO Party Radio Giveaway
update of winners from Ron VA7MWR

The radio giveaway draw was conducted at the Integris Credit Union, Clinton, BC .  As previously announced, the winners were announced at 0300 UTC on 9200.

The winners were:

                          USA Alinco 635T N9VQB, Kevin,
                     Charlotte MI

             Canada Alinco 635T VA3BC, Charles,
                    Ottawa, ON

      International Alinco 135T JS1LQI,
                    Mashiro H
achioji-City Tokyo, Japan

73  VA7MWR Ron


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