PiIRLP (IRLP on a Raspberry Pi) Ordering Page

Recently, I modifed the way IRLP works so that it can use General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) pins to communicate with the IRLP board instead of a parallel port. As a result, I have been flooded with requests of "how can I do this", and "where do I get this or that from". As a result, I have set up this site to allow people to obtain all of the parts required to make a working IRLP node on a Raspberry Pi. Please see pictures at http://www.irlp.net/R_Pi.

You can either obtain the software from me, or built it yourself, using directions from my post on the IRLP YahooGroup. A copy is available here.

When you place an order, details on when it will ship will be emailed directly, along with an order form to gather information about how to set up your software (if applicable)

Download the PiRLP Owners Manual HERE.

- David Cameron VE7LTD - IRLP System Designer

Choose either a complete package:

Complete PiRLP kit, including:
- Pi Model B+, with AC power supply
- IRLP Board Modified for Pi
- 25 Pin GPIO cable wired for Pi
- USB sound card, modified/wired to IRLP board
- 16GB Micro SD Card loaded and configured

Or parts to build your own:

Raspberry Pi Model B+ Computer
w/Power Supply
IRLP Board Modified for 3.3V  $110 
Modified Parallel Cable for PiRLP  $35
16GB Micro SD Card (with Full SD Adapter) loaded/configured for PiRLP

Works with Pi Models A, B and B+
USB Sound Card (CM119 Based) for PiRLP  $30

Please consider a donation to IRLP. It helps fund research and development to improve IRLP for all!

The PiRLP project was started by a donation of a Pi computer to IRLP