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IRLP - Keeping the Radio in Amateur Radio

Created July 1st, 2006 - Last update March 22nd, 2012

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  • IRLP v3.0 board mounted and pre-wired

  • 1.0 GHz Fanless Mini-ITX board with customized BIOS firmware

  • 512 Meg of Ram

  • 256 Meg Commercial IDE Flash Drive (not compact flash)

  • Compact case (uses one small and quiet 12V fan)
    - 8.25" x 2.6" x 10.8" or 210mm x 65mm x 275mm
    - About same size as a ream of 8.5" x 11" paper


  • PHP Enabled webserver
    - Runs IRLP WEB ADMIN system
    - Easy to add on additional PHP scripts to enhance system

  • No hard drive
    - Boots from flash device
    - Runs quickly in RAM drive
    - OS not succeptable to power fluctuations
    - Flash card is easily updatable
    - Reduced noise
    - Reduced power consumption

  • Linux pre-installed
    - Node number already assigned and tested (new or existing)
    - All hardware already pre-configured

  • RS232 serial port and minicom installed
    - Allows direct interface to controller at repeater site
    - Serial port can also be used as a serial console (no monitor required)

  • All wiring internal to case
    - No external parallel port cable
    - No external audio jack wiring
    - All interfacing to radio through a single DB-9 connector

  • 12.0 volt operation (multi voltage AC adapter included**)
    - Good for low power consumtion - 14 watts average usage
    - Single power supply for radio/repeater and node computer
    ** Note that supply must be less than 12.5V average
    ** Special multivoltage power supply option required for higher voltage (13.8V)

  • Common used IRLP scripts and features already installed:
    - EchoIRLP
    - IRLP Controller
    - IRLP Web Admin
    - Saytime/date scripts
    - Star69
    - Automated CW ID

  • Simple configuration script turns on/off certain features easily


  • Complete unit: wired, built, and tested $699 US

  • Pricing Options:

    - 1RU 19" rack case (+ $150)
      - Only 8" deep, 1 rack unit high
      - Lightweight
      - Requires special power supply option (+ $75) if run greater than 12V

    - "Multivoltage DC Input" option (+ $75)
      - Allows any case to run from standard 13.8V power supply
      - Input voltage range from 6V to 24V DC
      - Perfect for being powered from a vehicle or at the repeater site
      - Includes 100-240VAC-to-12VDC converter -OR- 2m DC Power Cable

    ** Canadian orders are subject to GST/HST at their local rate.


  • Canada Post Shipping from Vancouver - Approx 10 lbs
    - ~7 Day Ground to USA or Canada - $35
    - ~7 Day Air to International - $130

  • From Order to Delivery Time 1-4 weeks
    - Pieces ordered and built in Canada
    - Rush orders available upon request


  • Download the order form by right clicking on this link, and saving the file.

  • Fill out the order form and attach it to an email to

  • Someone will prepare a quote based on your location and order, and arrange for payment.


Installation and Operation Document

    Download the configuration and setup document here Embedded_Info.pdf. Also the irlp-embedded Yahoo group is a great source of information for new and experienced owners. Join up by clicking here.

David Cameron
IRLP Designer

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